About Motionographer

Since 2006, Motionographer® has been a vital part of the Motion Design community, acting as a key resource for visual storytellers to hone their craft, showcase their triumphs, and navigate the unique nature of the industry.

Our voyage of discovery has enabled us to curate the world’s leading creative content from exclusive interviews, in-depth articles, and featured stories, feeding back into the ecosystem we are so proud to support.

Motionographer® and its contributors are passionate about building a network of dynamic, disruptive thinkers, consistently pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, both in Motion Design and beyond.

Our passion is to uncover ‘unexpected inspiration’ and our mission is to share it with the world.

The Team

Carlos El Asmar
Gerardo Tejo
Director Motion Awards and Partnerships
Rim Hammoud
Director of Partnerships
Millie Verastegui
Creative Director
Alberto Hadyar
Creative Director
Peter Soloway
Noa Dekel
Alon Sapir
Producer F5 Festival
Veronica Cabezas
Business Development
Vincent Diga
Art Director
Hector Do Nascimento
Lead Graphic Designer
Roger Asmar
Will Schatz
Web Development
Arturo Gonzalez
Business Development / NFT Strategist
Andrea De Luca
Social Media Lead
Daniel Oliveros
Blockchain Web3 Developer
Jesse Rylander
Producer / Social Media

Carlos El Asmar
Founder Constant Seeker

Carlos El Asmar (he/him) is the co-founder of Motionographer. Since 2006, he nurtured the site’s growth and expansion from sharing news and inspiring work to becoming the leading source of inspiration for Motion Designers, animators, and visual storytellers of all kinds.

He masterminded the F5 Festival – a cutting-edge symposium of creatives, designers, artists
and thinkers from around the world – and The Motion Awards, the only awards show that
celebrates the full breadth of Motion Design.

Carlos is the former award-winning Executive Creative Director of NBCUniversal where he led the creative services departments of news, sports, and entertainment networks that reached a worldwide audience, informing and entertaining people from all corners of the globe.

He is a constant seeker, world traveler and reader. He is always striving for new experiences
and experimenting with new sensations; looking for unexpected inspirations.

Carlos’ motto is: my default setting is kindness and my biggest ambition is universal love.

Gerardo Tejo
Director Motion Awards and Partnerships A Jack of All Trades

….and possibly master of none, but he´s ok with that! Going from A to Z has never been his thing , instead Gerardo (he/him) embraced a journey that´s been less about straight paths and more about skipping, jumping, detouring, swerving, pivoting and revisiting. So why change now?

Originally hailing from Argentina, Gerardo has spent the majority of his adult and professional life abroad. For the last 15 years he has immersed himself in the world of HR & Personal Development, Business Management and Executive Education with a focus on leadership training in the creative industries worldwide.

Gerardo cries in pretty much every film and lives between Berlin, Germany and Margate in the UK. As a freelance Business Consultant and Coach, he holds an ICF Certified Diploma in Mentoring and Coaching. He is committed to personal and leadership development in and out of the workplace with a focus on mental health.He joined the team with one mission only and to do what he knows best: connect and partner with Motion Designers around the world and make Motionographer and all its platforms bigger, better and forever lasting, all the while adhering to the age-old adage: “if it aint´broke, don´t fix it”

PRODUCER Swiss Army Knife

Echo (she/her) is Motionographer’s renaissance woman. She keeps the ship moving, with her ability to absorb information and think on her feet. She studied Film, Creative Writing, and Media Studies at Hampshire College and has a lifelong passion for all things Motion Design. Echo harnesses her creativity to promote social responsibility, from LGBTQIA+ rights, human rights, housing justice, and income inequality. After a year working behind the scenes on Motionographer, she is set to step into the light by taking the helm at The Motion Awards.

Rim Hammoud
Director of Partnerships In Between Worlds

Rim cultivates an environment for ideas to flourish. She helps build the roads that get everyone to their destinations on time and on-brand. Growing and developing concepts drive her day-to-day, but with two magical kids as her wingmen, she is guided by an invisible force more powerful than a passion for business. Rim is a proud Venezuelan/Lebanese woman with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology. Combined with over 15 years of experience in the luxury retail sector, she understands as well as anyone the mind of colleagues and consumers alike. 

Millie Verastegui
Creative Director Love Sprinkler

Millie (she/her) is an SVA alumna, a former Art Director of NBC’s TODAY Show, and has twice been nominated for a Daytime EMMY. Millie has impacted industry trends throughout her career and continued to do so as director of The Motion Awards (TMA) in 2020 and 2021. Recently this native New Yorker, with roots in Peru, founded her own studio – Mooneye Design – that highlights social and environmental challenges. After stepping down from her duties at TMA, Millie has stayed on as a creative director at Motionographer, where she will continue to add her extensive knowledge and tireless energy.

Alberto Hadyar
Creative Director Illusionist

Alberto’s (he/him) journey with Motionographer began as a hardcore fan turned Motion Awards Judge.  Born in Caracas, and Father of the Holy Trinity, Alberto is a creative leader with more than 25 years of experience in the Motion Design and VFX industry. He says that his passion for design is as limitless as his patience.  

Peter Soloway
CTO The Searcher

Born in USSR, Moscow, Peter is an entrepreneur and blockchain enthusiast constantly seeking emerging technologies to implement in life and business. He has worked as an art director and creative producer for major national representative events and TV projects in Russia (Sochi 2014 Olympic Games, Eurovision 2009 art direction). Peter has a loving wife, two kids, and two parrots, so he is never starved for colorful conversation. Implementing the infrastructure for the PillVille NFT drop, when it’s time to mobilize, Peter comes alive and gets it done!

Noa Dekel
CMO Batman of Brands

Noa is part storyteller, part Martini (stirred, not shaken). She has worked as a strategist in ad agencies all over the globe, released campaigns for Fortune 500 players, and used insights and stats to tell their stories. And then, one day, FB came calling (and calling…), and despite believing she would die at an ad agency, cocktail in one hand, cigarette in the other, she made her move and is now entrenched in the world of Web3 marketing.

Alon Sapir
Producer F5 Festival World Conqueror!

Alon (he/him) was born and raised in Israel. At 21, he moved to NYC and started working in finance, an industry he finds fascinating. 

Some of his passions are traveling (22 countries and counting), scuba diving (AOW), Krav Maga, cooking, and volunteering with Rotary International. He is always searching for exciting new adventures, and his latest was to join Motionographer as a Producer.

Veronica Cabezas
Business Development Connector

With in-depth experience in entrepreneurship, wealth management and marketing Veronica (she/her) fosters key relationships and growth opportunities in line with Motionographer’s vision.  Veronica acts as an advisor for socially innovative startups and supports female entrepreneurship in New York City as a WeMentor. 

Vincent Diga
Art Director The Man From Nowhere

Vince (he/him) began his partnership with Motionographer in 2008 on F5 and continues to collaborate with Motion Design houses on designs and illustrations for network and streaming platforms.

He carries a Moleskine sketchbook, Bic ballpoint pen, and a bar of Scharffen Berger Dark Chocolate wherever he goes.

Hector Do Nascimento
Lead Graphic Designer Game Changer

With over two decades of experience, Hector (he/him) has partnered with many movers and shakers in the industry including NBC, ABC, The Disney Channel, HBO and Sony Entertainment Television.  He considers himself a Motionographer groupie turned employee and could not be more excited to be a “member of the band” as our in-house Graphic Designer. 

Roger Asmar
Legal Relentless

Roger (he/him) is a partner at Ross &. Asmar. His litigation practice focuses on complex criminal cases, Immigration/Deportation matters, and Matrimonial litigation cases, including trials. He has successfully represented numerous clients in his criminal law practice in New York handling a broad range of cases from investigation through trial. Roger has worked on numerous matters involving white collar crimes, organized crimes, violent crimes, national and international narcotics offenses, and trafficking.

Will Schatz
Web Development Soaring Strategist

Will is a digital strategist who loves to solve complex problems and help turn visions into reality. He’s worked on Motionographer and the Motion Awards since 2020.

Born and currently living outside NYC, he’s also lived in Chile and works on projects in the US and Latin America. Will has a small agency – Iris Union – that for ten years has helped companies and organizations develop new websites and grow through the power of strategically targeted digital marketing.

Will is relatively new to Motion Design but enjoys being a part of an industry doing more than any other to bring the digital world to life.

Arturo Gonzalez
Business Development / NFT Strategist Conscious Dreamer

Arturo lives in sunny Valencia, Spain, with his wife and three kids. He has a professional background as a Private International Corporate Law Consultant, Dispute Resolution Analyst, Law & Technology analyst, and NFT projects advisor and collector. Passionate about the disruptive elements of art, food, music, and technology, he has found here the perfect herd to join.

Andrea De Luca
Social Media Lead Impossible Maker

Andrea is a geological engineer, better known in the Web3 space as Averno. An NFT enthusiast, she began learning all she could about the technology at the end of 2020 and invested for the first time in early 2022.  

Andrea has seamlessly transitioned from being part of online communities to helping build them. Her mission is to create spaces for people to find a sense of belonging while providing a platform for them to achieve success.


Daniel Oliveros
Blockchain Web3 Developer Novelty Seeking

Daniel is a software engineer specializing in web3 and blockchain development, always looking for new challenges and new things to learn.

Jesse Rylander
Producer / Social Media Multiversal Soul

Jesse (he/him) is a multilingual design, communications, marketing, and strategy professional based in New York. He combines his passion for photography, movies, tv, and Broadway shows with his obsession with Sci-Fi and Superhero stories.

He has developed a versatile career with over 20 years of experience in diverse areas of Communication in Journalism, Advertising, Graphic Design, LC Broadcaster, and Social Media. As he defines himself, he is a multiversal soul searching for creative projects.