ActionVFX Launches Revolutionary Crowd Stock Footage

Johnson City, TN: The VFX and filmmaking industry has taken many hits as the world adjusts to the impacts of COVID-19. Many productions, from feature films to TV shows, were cancelled due to social distancing and following quarantine guidelines that has become our new norm. While these productions of all sizes were unable to meet, ActionVFX got to work.

Following the social distancing rules set out by our governing authorities, we safely began bringing in real actors and actresses to film for our Crowd Stock Footage, a new VFX category that will revolutionize the way virtual crowds are created. This not only allows creatives a chance to do crowd work in an easier way, but it will be a much cheaper, affordable alternative.

On May 3rd, we will introduce the first two VFX collections in the new Crowd category: Sports Crowds and Concert Crowds. Industry productions will no longer need to film individuals on green screens while bringing hundreds of other extras to create a massive crowd. We’ve done the work for you. This creates a safe environment for your set and crew as we navigate an uncertain world rattled by a pandemic.

Both Crowd products will have 330 clips, our biggest collections to arrive on our website. The vast amount of clips will allow easy replication of crowds with different variations, crowd reactions, and talent. The collections also come with 15 different angles, giving artists unlimited amounts of creativity to implement digital crowds into any scene, no matter the perspective.

“We like to say ‘real is always better’, so the idea of capturing real actors performing real actions in a way that allows VFX artists to convincingly comp them was intriguing to us. We met with many studios to find out exactly what their needs were when it came to crowds and used that feedback to make these collections production-ready on Day 1. We definitely were not expecting to have 330 clips per collection when this project first started, but seeing the flexibility that having 15 angles of each actor brings, it was completely worth it” said Rodolphe Pierre-Louis, CEO of ActionVFX.

For more information on both game-changing collections, visit our blog post.

Fact Sheet 

  • What: Crowds VFX Stock Footage
  • Who: Artists, Filmmakers, and Studios that need easy, high-quality crowd replication
  • Where:
  • When: May 3rd, 2021
  • Why: With COVID forcing creators to be more careful in the way they implement large crowds into their shot, ActionVFX saw a chance to not only revolutionize the way virtual crowds are created, but to allow creatives a chance to do crowd work in a much cheaper and easier way.

About ActionVFX

ActionVFX sets out to build the undisputed best and largest library of VFX elements in the world and distribute it to the artists who need it. We combine our love for filmmaking with the technical expertise to maintain the industry’s highest standards. Our library contains over 3,800 elements ranging from Explosions, Water, Fire, Energy, Gore, Smoke, Debris, and much more.

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