Revenant launches Directors Roster with brand refresh!


Revenant, a leading Scottish animation studio, is thrilled to unveil its new website crafted in collaboration with design studio Form Digital. The revamped site provides an immersive user experience and strengthens Revenant’s brand identity. In the redesign, there was something a little more mystical being considered along with the purpose of creating a digital platform for showcasing the studio’s diverse portfolio.

Co-Founder and Creative Director, Kev McCrae.

“As part of the development work with Form Digital for our new website, we explored the identity associated with the number 8. I was inspired by my favorite film as a kid, Clash of the Titans, and our involvement in the Ray Harryhausen exhibition for the Titan of Cinema installation at National Galleries of Scotland. The number 8 not only holds connotations of death in Greek Mythology, but also aligns with the eight letters in Revenant.

Revenant means a person who has returned, supposedly from the dead. By utilising both print and digital grid systems and image displacement techniques based around the rule of 8, we looked to create a strong but flexible system. A tough foundation for the new Rev branding.”

This launch marks a significant milestone for Revenant as it continues to push the boundaries of visual storytelling and creature unforgettable cinematic experiences. At the heart of the new website lies Revenant’s first-ever Directors Roster, a handpicked selection of visionary directors chosen for their ability to captive audiences with original storytelling and beautiful imagery.

The launch of the new website and Directors Roster reaffirms Revenant’s commitment to innovation and creativity, setting the stage for exciting collaborations and groundbreaking storytelling.

For more information and to explore the Directors Roster, visit Revenant Tv.