See No Evil April

Join us for See No Evil’s 4th birthday celebrations with talks from the amazing Richard Hogg, and BAFTA winner Mikey Please! Free entry, prizes &… Read more

Onesize: FITC Amsterdam

Stunning main titles for FITC Amsterdam 2013 by Onesize. The design is by Bradley G Munkowitz (aka GMUNK), who also did the whole design package for… Read more

One Day on Earth / 12.12.12

By the time this post goes live, One Day on Earth’s third installment will have begun somewhere on this crazy planet of ours. On December… Read more

Playgrounds Fest 2012

Designed by Jordi Pages with MRK and Gabor Ekes, this beautiful title sequence for the 2012 Playgrounds Festival is nothing short of exquisite. From the… Read more

Playgrounds 2012

This is only the second time that the annual Playgrounds Digital Arts Festival in The Netherlands teams up with Submarine Channel to host a “warming… Read more

Gabe Askew: “Goat and Aaron”

Gabe Askew (Hornet) is no stranger to Motionographer. We posted his first break-out project here, an unofficial music video for Grizzly Bears “Two Weeks” that… Read more

Ram Bhat Updates

Matte painter, illustrator and art director Ram Bhat updates his portfolio. (Also, don’t miss his iPhone game, Finger-Flick Basketball.)

motion2012 coming in October

motion2012 is coming up in October, with a keynote from Dreamworks Animation on the upcoming “Rise of the Guardians.” Get more details here.

C4D Live

Tune into for live talks from Andrew Kramer, Ash Thorp, Casey Hupke and more — including a demo of Element3D for AE.

Colosse – A Wood Tale

Some months ago we announced the teaser, and now “Colosse – A Wood Tale”, the sweet new short directed by Hornet’s Yves Geleyn, is out. This beautifully handcrafted… Read more

Max Winston’s “The Woods”

Stopmo animator and designer Max Winston revisits the natural world in this animation test for a cartoon pilot, “The Woods“.  Read more about this and… Read more

MOTEL 6 “Metamorphosis”

King & Country and MOTEL 6 reflect on the classic family road trip in “Metamorphosis“

A Conversation with Mate Steinforth

Recently we’ve seen more and more of Sehsucht, and with good reason: they’ve steadily been building steam through the years, and it’s culminating in some… Read more