360 Google Spotlight Story: Rain or Shine


Directed by Felix Massie (Nexus Productions), “Rain or Shine” is the latestĀ in an impressive line of shorts created for the Google Spotlight Stories platform.

Other directors have included Disney animation legend Glen Keane and Academy Award-winners Patrick Osborne and Jan Pinkava. Not bad company.

“Rain or Shine” follows Ella, a little girl in possession of some magical shades, as she wreaks havoc throughout her neighborhood before eventually learning to harness her newfound powers for good.

Concept Art

rainorshine_nexus_conceptart_ella_expressions_v03 rainorshine_nexus_conceptart_lineup_v01-copy_white rainorshine_nexus_conceptart_splitscreen_v03 rainorshine_nexus_conceptart_spotlight_icecream_01 rainorshine_nexus_conceptart_spotlight_icecream_02

How to Watch

Although the filmĀ can be viewed via YouTube’s 360-degree player, Google’s Spotlight Stories are intended to be viewed on mobile devices via a native app for either iOS or Android.