Avatar: The Last Airbender | Live-Action Teaser | Imaginary Forces


The 2005 original TV series Avatar: The Last Airbender is making a comeback with a live-action series debuting on Netflix in 2024.

Netflix gave a first look at the show during their global TUDUM live event with a teaser created by Imaginary Forces. With a nod to the original animation, the teaser trailer from the creative studio showcases their ability to pack a significant punch in a short amount of time.

As fans of the cult-classic story, Imaginary Forces has crafted a simple sequence with each nation coming to life by displaying their elemental symbols in motion.

The sequence builds anticipation with stunning visuals and a soundtrack of meditative chants, crafted by Eleven Sound. Each element behaves in a corresponding way that incorporates ancient practices and nods to the original Nickelodeon animation that fans of the show will undoubtedly recognize.

Finally revealing the title of the show at the end, the light from Imaginary Forces shines on the new age of Aang, The Last Airbender.

Led by creative directors Anthony Gibbs and Tosh Kodama, the visionary intent was to tease the four elements, deliberately revealing only as much as necessary, withholding each surprise as the teaser progresses.

With a visual musicality, the elements appear with their own cadence and crescendo, which is complemented by the edit. The teaser, which delivers on the promise of a ramped-up live-action adaptation, is exciting to diehard fans of the show and newcomers alike.


Creative Director: Anthony Gibbs, Tosh Kodama
Designer/Animator: Scott Bell, Jake Ferguson, Christoph Gabathuler, Caleb Ollivant, Alex Rupert
Editor: Lexi Gunvaldson
Compositor: Martin Karlsson
Storyboards: Gordan Kljucec
Producer: Jordan Sharon
Coordinator: Jake Fritz
Sound Design: Eleven Sound


From the creator:

Teaser for Netflix
Water, earth, fire, air — the 2005 original TV series is making a comeback but this time, in live-action! We teased the debut of Avatar: The Last Airbender for Netflix’s global TUDUM live event with a nod to the original animation.

Learn more about the teaser here: https://imaginaryforces.com