Barry Chapman / Philip Donegan | Hamsandwich – ‘Electro Wave’ music video

Barry Chapman

From the creator:

Myself and Philip Donegan were approached by Irish chart-topping Indie group HamsandwicH to create the video for 'Electro Waves', the first single from their latest album.

‘Electro Waves’ is a really fun, upbeat and catchy number with a strong retro vibe so we thought that the video should be colorful, playful, have loads of zip and a nostalgic feel. Think the early, early days of MTV.

The concept was to have a series of random, cool, super-stylized looping animations of things like; people dancing, disco balls spinning, synthesizers zapping, records playing and drinks flowing. Then we would juxtaposed this with the real life video footage of Niamh (the band's singer) in the background, doing her thing.
As opposed to having an overriding story line, the idea was to catch the 'Electro Wave' energy that's delivered in the song.

The whole thing was animated in after effects and cinema 4d with loads of help from marvelous designer and adobe mixamo.
The video footage was shot in a living room on a busy Sunday afternoon. Groovy!

P.s Many thanks to Ciara Chapman Illustration for her help in some of the early concept designs.