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John Robson

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Film Shortage Top 10 Films of 2021
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What do you do when live action production comes to a halt during a pandemic and you lose all of your actors? Make your own!

What started as a topical satire about love and social distancing in the time of Covid-19 evolved into a much deeper exploration of the isolation, anxiety, and self doubt that many of us have been left to face while on lockdown.

For many, the wall of the pandemic is a window that has separated us from the ones we love and any sense of the normalcy we once took for granted. It's also a mirror held upon ourselves, forcing us in our time alone to reflect on our lives, actions, imperfections, demons, and overall mental health.

One cannot truly love the world and those closest to us without learning to love ourselves first.

The journey of Layla and Marcus is an homage to the first 599 days (and counting) of this journey towards self-acceptance.

Created using 3D-scanned actors and procedural-based effects to manifest and amplify each characters' inner emotions.

Direction and Visuals by John Robson

Original Soundtrack and Sound Design by Fab Martini


Produced by Fab Martini, Written and Performed by Beatrice Oreti

Produced by Fab Martini, Written and Performed by Beatrice Oreti

Starring CG Layla and CG Marcus
3D Scans provided by 3DScanstore

Voice of Karen by Nicole Carino

Created with Houdini, C4D, Redshift, Gaea, Substance Painter, & Black Magic Resolve. Rendered in 4K.