Berthold Gone Wild | Panic


The newest piece from Panic studio. Berthold Gone Wild! It takes just one Berthold to explain the wild animation process.

Meet Berthold – a fictional character guiding you through the unpredictable twists and turns of production stages some don’t even know about. Kick-off meeting. Script. Storyboard. Visual treatment. Voice-over. Audio design. Step by step and frame by frame, he reveals the endless freedom of motion, sound, and action only possible in the world of animation.

The story is based on the idea of breaking down the screen between the animation world and the viewer. It’s a “show me, don’t tell me” situation getting as deep as we can get behind the screen. The animation process is broken down into basic steps and unfolds on-the-go as we follow Berthold, who is literally pushed through the scenario, which is basically an illustrated summary of animation stages.

Berthold truly is the inner spirit of Panic. A grumpy, well-odored, cursing grandpa with a good amount of street cred – that’s where we want to end up in our professional life. Berthold is our moral compass – the one watching our handwriting everywhere between the screens. The style of Panic has been squidged in one central figure and abused by the animators.

The colorful characters and scenery are animated with exaggerated motions, making it pop like an acid trip in your favorite cartoon program. Ever wanted to see brainless space monkeys apply voiceover and audio sync to a clip of jazzed-out rockstars? Here you go!



Produced by Panic
Creative Directors: Edijs Vucens, Gints Gutmanis, Rita Steimane
Directors: Roberts Kulenko, Gints Gutmanis
Script: Edijs Vucens
Executive Producer: Laura Zavodska
Producers: Rita Steimane, Elina Alaine
Look Development: Gints Gutmanis, Vladimirs Karsecjans
Art Director: Gints Gutmanis
Storyboard: Gints Gutmanis
Animatic: Roberts Kulenko
Design: Vladimirs Karsecjans, Veronika Horban
Animation Leads: Gints Gutmanis, Vladimirs Karsecjans
Rough Keys, Tie-Down, Clean Up: Kyrylo Novikov, Anastasia Titarenko, David Stumpf
2D Animation & Compositing: Vladimirs Karsecjans, Vadim Luks, Vince Hurtu, Alexey Rovkov, Francois Edrich Schonken, Eduards Balodis, Gints Gutmanis
3D modelling & Animation: Geoffrey Trusler
Voice Over Actors: Dick Terhune, Christine Cullingworth
Music Design: Arturs Liepins
Sound Design: Arturs Liepins, Jeff Moberg