Birth | Twistedpoly


An enchanting journey, celebrating the birth of a mythical being – a visual ode to the magic of new life.

For some time, Nejc wanted to create another short film that’s about something mystical, poetical that shows this otherworldly life form coming to life. Being inspired by the upcoming birth of his son and almost a decade old projects of his like Mothership and Pauseft ident, Nejc went back to bringing another creature to life in his own way. Project started in 2021 without much time constraints, as it was a personal project and was completed in 2023 with few longer pauses in between. It premiered at Burning man 2023 screening on a giant pyramid in the middle of the desert .

From a creative perspective, Nejc approached this in a fun and organic way, meaning there were no storyboards, only the first and last shots were developed up to a point where they felt like they had potential. From that point on, connecting the dots was part of an organic process which evolved from shot to shot. Same thing was done with the edit, it evolved with the shots, while being careful that things cut well from shot to shot.

Most of the 3D was done inside Cinema 4D with some help from Houdini. Xparticles were used as a particle engine and everything was rendered through Redshift. Compositing was very minimal as Nejc likes to polish things in 3D as much as possible, mostly color correction and edit were done in After Effects. For anyone interested in knowing more, Nejc prepared a walkthrough course that breaks the project down and can be found here –

Sound was done by Roger Lima, Najc gave him full freedom to do his magic on it, without too much output. We already collaborated on a project Flow in the past. Roger’s take on the project: “The soundscape of this mystical voyage, a project where imagination took flight with every beat and note. Crafting the audio for this visual marvel alongside my incredibly talented friend Nejc was nothing short of magic”


Designed, directed & produced: Twistedpoly
Music & Sound Design: Roger Lima