BIEN | 2-Minute Time Machine


Description: The Getty Museum is a world-renowned space for rare art, perched atop the Santa Monica Mountains. They don’t have problems convincing adults to visit.

Teens and tweens? That’s another story. To convince the kiddos to come in, the museum tapped us to create a series called “2-Minute Time Machine” to promote ancient art to an audience of middle-school-aged kids from diverse backgrounds. We were selected because of our focus on inclusive motion design.

The museum Director and curation team were sticklers for detail, so we had to ensure every design, every coliseum, every artifact was historically accurate. Research was a critical part of this job. We had a dedicated team of two people who were responsible for vetting imagery and ensuring the team was using the right haircut for the Egyptians, the correct period of architecture for the Romans, and that the stylus we drew was representative of what was used in the specific time period we were showing.

We created a series of three animations that visually explore the origins of beards, writing, and bread.


Client: Getty Museum
Executive Creative Director: Hung Le
Executive Producer: Ricardo Roberts
Senior Producer: Alisha Hawkins
Art Directors: Carlos Alegría, Andrea Gendusa
Illustration: Carlos Alegría, Andrea Gendusa, Flor Tasso, Ally Schuman
Design: Sianey Montes de Oca, Hung Le
Animators: Carlos Alegría, Rocío Cognos, Hung Le, Andrea Gendusa, Alejandro Imondi, Deanna Reilly, Sianey Montes de Oca.
Research: Elena Dreyer, Ally Schuman
Sound Design: The Chicken

BIEN’s Creative Director Hung Le says, “As an artist-led studio, working with The Getty Museum was a dream come true. We learned about 10,000 years’ worth of history about bread, beards, and writing on this assignment.” He adds, “More importantly, we seriously upped our historical accuracy game. Every single design, illustration, and artifact was carefully reviewed and vetted by the Getty staff curators and museum director, himself. Our inner nerds were quite challenged and ultimately, satisfied with the end result.”

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