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Whether dodging dino bikers in Hong Kong or hammerhead gangs on the high seas, Yuki 7 out-smarts and out-plans any baddie with her cutting edge gadgets, signature moves, and style. But WHO IS YUKI 7? Together with her trusted team – a rocket-powered turtle man and a talking cat – they unlock the mystery one mission at a time.


Yuki 7 is an animated action/comedy series following super spy Yuki 7 and her jet-setting crew on thrilling adventures set against a smattering of colorful and stylized international backdrops. Independently produced by multiple Emmy and Annie Award-winning design & animation studio CHROMOSPHERE (City of Ghosts, Carmen Sandiego) and Executive Producers ELIZABETH ITO (City of Ghosts, Adventure Time) & KAREN DUFILHO (Epic Games, Google, Pixar), Yuki 7 premieres online August 26th at YUKI-7.COM

Credits: A CHROMOSPHERE Production

Executive Producer / ELIZABETH ITO Executive Producer / KAREN DUFILHO
Based on a Character Created By KEVIN DART
Starring XANA TANG as Yuki 7
With PIOTR MICHAEL as Rocket Turtle & Dr. Goldpaws And JULIE NATHANSON as ELINOR
Featuring music by THE GO! TEAM, with CHAI and BOE WEAVER


Chromosphere is a visual & creative laboratory where we explore the space between art and technology. We love the process of creating and are most happy when we’re doing something we don’t know how to do. Our studio is a creative harbor for artists who like to do things a different way, and a place where unconventional ideas can flourish and grow into incredible things. Whether we’re creating experimental animated films, interactive experiences, title sequences, or any other exciting project we can get our hands on, we are always aiming to push the furthest visual possibilities of our craft and find the newest and raddest endeavors.

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Starring Xana Tang, Piotr Michael, and Julie Nathanson
Yuki 7 Title Theme / Performed by The Go! Team / Written by Ian Parton