“Check ’em”

Seed Animation Studio

From the creator:

We have produced a 30 second animated film in association with Breast Cancer Care for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, starting October 1st.
We asked some of our favourite animation directors from around the world to contribute to the film and the cause.

Each director was given a different word for breast to interpret into just under 1 second of animation. All the clips were then assembled to create the film. The end result is a playful and diverse collaboration that promotes the importance of checking for breast cancer.

The Artists- (in order of appearance)

Marc M - Brad Pitts
Jack Sachs - Bazookas
Pencil Bandit - Humpty Dumptys
Ben Ommundson - Tonkas
Jelly Gummies - Spongecakes
Chris O'Hara - Mary Berrys
Robert Loebel - Godzillas
Everyone's Favourite - Wopbopaloobops
Igor Bastidas - Twin Peaks
Neal Coghlan - Bazongas
Morgan Powell - Chesticles
Dan Castro - Kahunas
Jack Nelson - Shabba Doos
Henrique Barone - Babylons
Corentin Penloup - Chumbawumbas
Griff - Puppies
Caroline Attia - Bonbons
Antonio Vincenti - Baloobas
Andy Khosravani - Mammaries
Ariel Victor - Jubblies
Steve Smith - Fun Bags
Sophie Koko Gate - The Twins
Neil Kidney - Norks
Vera Babida - Melons
Yukai Du - Knockers
Aran Quinn - Boobies

Music and sound effects provided by Mcasso Music

Written and produced by Seed Animation

Thanks to Abigail Dankwa

Find out more about the project here: https://www.seedanimation.com/video-breast-cancer-awareness-animation

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