Eco Genesis | Ecosapiens Studios


Winner of The Motion Awards 2022 for nft » motion design nft


From the creator:

Garret Kane is a Creative Director, sculptor, animator, writer and now Co-founder/CCO of Ecosapiens. His practice explores the intersection of the natural environment and human technology.

Each Ecosapien represents a combination of various carbon life. Their component body parts vacillate in and out as if breathing – a reminder to the importance of the atmosphere – while its leaves and plants blowing in the breeze on a loop. They represent an evolution from our selfish, fearful, Darwinian past selves into entities that care about the whole of the Earth.

Born through the fusion of Type-1 technologies: synthetic biology, quantum AI, and nanotech, Ecosapiens emerge alabaster-white, composed of artificial stem cells. Beginning as blank slates, each Ecosapien is dispatched into distressed environments where they evolve new biology to repair it, mimicking it, giving them their signature hybrid appearances. They travel the world, re-encrypting the genomes of Earth’s various biomes, altering them to improve the damage climate change has caused.


Art Direction/Vision: Garret Kane Dafferner CCO

Crew Biogenesis – Aixsponsa:
Project Lead: Achim August Tietz
Producer: Niklas Stolzenberg
Concept Art: Korbinian Vogel
Modelling & Sculpting: Lars Korb, Phil Amelung
Animation: Michael Haupt, Niclas Schlapmann, Marco Seeberger, Aias Kokkalis, Simon Breithofer

Sound Design: Michael Fakesh
Compositing: Marco Pelzel
Color Correction: Yvonne Trang