2023 | HUGO Creative

Hugo Creative

From the creator:

We love irony. And what’s more ironic than watching the world’s most famous tech company epically morph into the very problem against which they were sounding the alarm. That observation served as the inception of our passion project turned social awareness campaign. In 1984, Apple released what proved to be one of the most iconic Super Bowl ads of all time. It aired only once, and to this day, is still held uncontested as the gold standard of the ad world. But their message, while honorable and noble, has tarnished over time. So we created an almost shot-for-shot parody of the original 1984 ad, possessed with our own unique playful style and complete with our own astounding twists and turns, to reveal a message vitally pertinent to a society where new technology and social media run rampant. We hope you enjoy viewing this as much as we did creating it, and that it provokes insightful and constructive conversation around an ever-evolving issue.


Creative Director: Matt Guastaferro
Senior Producer: Liah Corral
Design & Animation: Alex Park
Design & Animation: Scott O'Banion
Animation: Michael Guastaferro
Copywriting & Strategy: Stewart Tribe
Copywriting: Estelle Laure
Copywriting: Mark Clevenger
Music/Sound Design/Mix: Dynamite Laser Beam
Consultant: Joel Pilger
VO Talent: Randy Latta
VO Talent: Lou Lambert