Lord of Misrule | LUSH | Feral Child TV


From the creator:

When Ben, a creatively frustrated scientist, comes into contact with an unstable organic experiment, his repressed creativity bursts out in unfiltered lapses as his subconscious self surfaces like a possession; The Lord of Misrule is unleashed, using his ingredients of mischief to rewild the city.


Production Company: FeralChild.tv
Directors: Nella Addy, Rogan vd Berg
Story Writing: Carl Addy, Feral Child
Art director: Nella Addy
Backgrounds: Gabriel Dos Anjos, Nella Addy
Layouts: Nella Addy, Rogan vd Berg, Gabriel Dos Anjos
3D Modeling: Rogan vd Berg
Color Script: Pedro Minho
Character Design: Nella Addy
Storyboard & Animatic: Nella Addy, Rogan vd Berg, Francois Schonken
Animation: Pierre Rutz; Jack-Amin Ibrahim, Melanie Gohin, Francois Schonken, Gabriel Chagas, Nella Addy, Tiaan Trauter
2D FX: Jack-Amin Ibrahim, Francois Schonken, Tiaan Truter, Melanie Gohin
Clean up & Color: Tiaan Truter, Natalya Rapotova, Juliana Rueda, Rogan vd Berg, Nella Addy
Comp/MG: Nella Addy
Sound and Music: Mt Wave (Matthew Dickinson, James Acker)