Invincible 3 | Nike | Media.Work


Launching the new revolutionary Invincible 3, Nike asked us to imagine ways to describe the model’s innovative cushioning.

Connecting the playful world and the benefits of reality, we present all possible pillowy incarnations, visualizing a sense of complete softness, cloudiness, and comfort on the foot.

Balancing between reality and the exaggerated world, we caught a wave of vividness and super-cush softness to capture the new benefits of the product.
We discovered a new world hidden under the sole – unbelievable, but tactile and real.


Client: Nike
Created by: Media.Work
Creative Direction: Igor Sordokhonov
Art Direction: Dmitry Ponomarev
Design, Animation: Roman Eltsov, Denis Semenov, Sergey Shurupov, Alexandra Vorobeva, Aleksei Komarov, Artur Gadzhiev, Kirill Makhin, Daniil Makhin
3D Modeling: Lubov Lobanova
Sound: Artem Markaryan
Text: Alexandra Kotova
Year: 2022