Gabriel H. Fermanelli updates reel and releases new work

Gabriel H Fermanelli

Freelance director Gabriel H. Fermanelli recently dropped a new reel looking back on 5 years of work. It’s a good reminder of why he’s been posted on Motionographer so many times.

Also check out this compilation of character work he directed with Sloop Animation.

From the creator:

Hi here is my reel a compilation of 5 years working like freelance director

more info

Fox Retro -Punga
Fox 10 Anni - Ronda
Fibertel - Drab
Wrangler - Punga
Fravega - Plenty
U4HK Danone - DLP Paris
MTV Coca Cola
Boobaloo - Punga
Ad Bronco - Personal Project
Lendix - DLP Paris
Volvo - Punga
Nickelodeon - Jules Guerin
Jou Jou Monsters - Plenty
Brave Girls - Ronda
Fox Navidad - Ronda
Gumbal Loops - Ronda
Tooncast - LeCube