Grump in the Night | Kris Theorin


We created this project as a way to see how far motion capture animation could be pushed in a more stylized, cartoony world. While we’ve done a number of projects that feature action heavy mocap animation, the real challenge comes when you want to create something subtle and narrative out of it. Allowing a character to express themselves purely through their body language was something not easily achieved and its why we chose the story we did for this project. We came up with the idea in 2017 but it was only now, with all the advancements made in motion capture, GPU rendering, and 3D software as a whole that we felt like it could achieved by a one man team. And after four months working on it, we could not be happier with the result!

Animated using Noitom Perception Neuron 3. Created using Cinema 4D, Redshift, After Effects, ZBrush


Animation: Kris Theorin

Written by: Kurtis Theorin and Nik Theorin

Produced by: Amy Theorin

Original Music by Adam Kromelow and Daniel Rufolo