Heart’s tale | Max Maze


“Heart’s Tale” unfolds in a distant realm, where a colossal Heart’s rhythmic pulsations resonate across the celestial sphere. Ethereal beings frolic in meadows adorned with luminescent dreams, their dances beneath enchanted forest boughs reflecting the harmonious coexistence nurtured by the Heart’s benevolence.

Initially, humans reveled in the Heart’s gifts, basking in the radiant embrace of its wonders. However, as fear crept into their souls, walls arose, transforming into a formidable fortress over time. Factions emerged, vying for dominance and subjecting once-free denizens to their rivalries.

The city, born from the people’s aspirations, grew into an insatiable leviathan, while the Heart dwindled to a dim ember. Its fragments, once abundant, were now harnessed for malevolent creations, fueling a relentless pursuit of power.

In this twilight of ages, as the Heart’s brilliance fades, our tale explores the consequences of unchecked avarice and the transformative journey that awaits those who seek to restore balance. The teaser’s details, music, and animation provide a captivating glimpse into the profound creativity and talent behind this ambitious project.


Max Maze

Art direction:
Igor Irbitskiy

Daria Duck

Concept design:
Igor irbitskiy
Sasha Belyaev
Natalia Mukhametdinova

Sasha Belyaev
Mia Musina
Nastya Panina
Victoria Soroka
2d animation:
Sasha Belyaev
Alexey Chinanaky
Igor Irbitskiy

2d vfx:
Maria lebedeva
3d modelling:
Pavel Vesna

3d animation:
Igor irbitskiy
Gleb Scherba
Dmitriy Maiko
Philip Gerasimov
Igor irbitskiy

Max Maze

Khongchai Greesuradej

Voice over:
Bob Daniel
Ellie Rodz
Helena Lewin

Sound design:
Max Maze
Sound Mixing:
Khongchai Greesuradej