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Leanne Rule and KITCHEN joined forces with ITV Creative to produce a vibrant 60-second Love Island promo for the show’s eighth season. Titled “Love. We Own It.” the campaign comes to life through animation, seamlessly blending character design, storytelling, and humor.

The animation, characterized by Leanne Rule’s cheeky trademark style, introduces inclusive 3D characters and brings iconic Love Island moments to the forefront. The promo cleverly incorporates nods to signature villa landmarks, slow-mo entrances, and the beloved character Ellie Belly. Leanne Rule not only contributed her distinctive design skills but also infused the script with her unique wit, creating a narrative with precise comedy timing.

Director KITCHEN played a crucial role in enhancing the storytelling by leveraging their versatile mix of skills. They focused on optimizing transitions and ensuring that the 3D and 2D elements worked seamlessly together. The team’s collective effort resulted in a visually appealing and enjoyable promo that effectively builds excitement for the upcoming season.

Both Leanne Rule and KITCHEN expressed their enthusiasm for the project, highlighting the collaborative and creative synergy within the team. The incorporation of Easter eggs for Love Island enthusiasts adds an extra layer of engagement, making the promo not only entertaining but also memorable. As Love Island fans gear up for another season, this promo promises a delightful blend of humor, nostalgia, and anticipation for the series ahead.


Agency: ITV Creative
Agency Producer: Jill Findlay
Agency Creatives: Heidi Martin & James Copeman
Agency Campaign Manager: Charlotte Berman
Production Company: Jelly
Executive Producer: Sue Loughlin
Producer: Tom Henneberry
Designed by Leanne Rule
Directed by KITCHEN and Leanne Rule

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