Hello Tomorrow! | Apple TV+ | Imaginary Forces


Imagine if the 1950’s dream of tomorrow came true.

Imaginary Forces creates the opening title sequence for Apple’s Hello Tomorrow. Set in a retro-futuristic world, Hello Tomorrow stars Billy Cudrup as a traveling salesman promoting suburban condos on the moon.

Showcasing the illusions of the past, the title sequence is a timeline of invention. Starting with the simplest of modern conveniences, it takes the consumer on a hypnotic ride of apparatuses with an underlying eerie imbalance.

Showcasing the ultimate American escape in what feels like a showroom of robots, gizmos, and doodads, the sequence teeters on the edge of a slightly different evolution in technology than our world today.


Creative Director: Ronnie Koff
Designer: Ronnie Koff
Editor: Lexi Gunvaldson
Animator: Christoph Gabathuler, Fernando Lazzari
Intern: Kaisey Mccallion
Compositor: Juan Monasterio
Producer: Steve Garfinkel
Coordinator: Spencer Ruehl, Nic Luong

From the creator:

Imagine if the 1950’s dream of tomorrow came true. Say hello to jetpacks, flying cars, robot bartenders and the promise of a brighter future. With all these imaginative inventions now a reality, what joy will it truly bring? Maybe that answer isn’t found on earth—but far above. In partnership with Apple TV+ we showcased the illusions of the past for the Apple TV original, Hello Tomorrow.

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