Histeria! Studio | RB6 2024


The diehard fan’s heart raced as they darted through the bustling streets of São Paulo, a city pulsating with energy. It was a historic moment, the first time the Six Invitational had descended upon this vibrant metropolis. With each step, anticipation surged within them, fueled by the promise of witnessing Rainbow Six legends breaching reality itself.

As they ran, the fabric of their surroundings seemed to blur and shift, merging with the vivid memories and thrilling histories of Six Invitational tournaments past. Scenes of epic showdowns and jaw-dropping plays danced before their eyes, brought to life with a surreal clarity.

From the neon-lit alleys to the towering skyscrapers, São Paulo’s urban landscape became a canvas for the convergence of past and present, a tapestry woven with the essence of Rainbow Six Esports. And through it all, the fan raced on, driven by an insatiable hunger to experience every moment, every pulse-pounding thrill.

Finally, their journey reached its crescendo as they arrived at the iconic Ginásio Ibirapuera, where the spirit of competition crackled in the air like electricity. Here, amidst the roar of the crowd and the dazzling spectacle of high-tech visuals, the fan found themselves at the heart of the action.

And as the final moments unfolded in a blaze of glory, set to the electrifying rhythm of “We Move as One” by Ego Kill Talent (ft. Andreas Kisser and Rob Damiani), they knew that this was more than just a tournament—it was an unforgettable journey, a celebration of skill, passion, and the unbreakable bond that united fans and players alike.


Client: Ubisoft / BLAST
Game: Rainbow 6
Event: Six Invitational 2024
Clients: Marcio Soares, Nelson Garcia, Lucas Reis, Leandro Estevam, Victor Niergue, Faye Marlborough, Chrystina Martel, Stig Debois, Matt Bundy

Produced by Histeria!

Director: Jan Xavier
Story by: Jan Xavier and Ubisoft
Executive Producer: Marcelo Moreno
Producers: Tatiana Sato and Lívia Quintanilha
Social Media: Sibelle Lobo

Art Directors: Igor Muniz, Victor Tchaba
Art Supervisors: Igor Muniz, Victor Tchaba
Concept Art: Igor Muniz, Victor Tchaba, Gabriel dos Anjos, Guilherme Lascasas
Storyboard/Animatic: Tony Neto
Concept Character: Victor Tchaba, Jeff Biglia, PJ Kaiowá, Shun Izumi e Flávia Passos (Estúdio Casa Locomotiva)
Layout Character: Victor Tchaba, Jeff Biglia, Fábio Perez, Guilherme Olivieri, Marcos Kenji Uchima, Rodrigo Yokota
Layout FX: Jeff Biglia, Mateus Pitta
Design: Igor Muniz, Jeff Biglia, Rafael Nascimento (Escaphandro), Victor Tchaba
Layout 3D: Jan Xavier, Igor Muniz
3D Generalist: Carol Fiorito, Cláudio Marques, Igor Muniz
3D Lookdev, Light and Comp: Cláudio Marques, Igor Muniz
Background Simulation: Cláudio Marques
Matte Painting: Gabriel dos Anjos, Guilherme Lascasas, Igor Muniz, Jeff Biglia

Animation Directors: Jan Xavier, Felipe Simões
Rough/Tiedown/FX Supervisor: Felipe Simões
Clean Up/Color Supervisor: Mila Queiroz
2D Rough/Tiedown: Breno Licursi, Bruna Santana, Catarina Niéro, Geovani Angelo, Lena Franzz, Lucas Franci, Matheus Fernandes, Robb Reis, Rodrigo Yokota, Thiago Geremias, Ton Presley, Viviane Guimarães
2D Clean Up/Color: Carol Caporrino, Denis Bargos, Francine Gonzales, Giovanna Jahjah, Juliana Gouvêa, Louise Bonne, Lucas Franci, Luiz Alvares, Mila Queiroz, Pedro Spaolonzi, Ton Presley, Viviane Guimarães
2D FX: Lucas Franci, Natália Faria Cardoso, Mateus Pitta

Post Production Director: Gabriela Zaneti
Motion Graphics Supervisor: Gabriela Zaneti
Compositing Supervisors: Gabriela Zaneti, Renato Montoro
Motion Graphics: Gabriela Zaneti, Samantha Oda, Vinícius Ricardo, Ricardo La Bella Simonetti
Compositing and Post Production: Gabriela Zaneti, Renato Montoro, Samantha Oda, Vinícius Ricardo, Ricardo La Bella Simonetti, Saulo de Castro, Tamires Campos


Musical Director: Samuel Ferrari
Music Producer: Samuel Ferrari
Original Music by Ego Kill Talent, Rob Damiani & Andreas Kisser
Electric Guitars: Theo Van Der Loo, Niper Boaventura
Electric Bass: Raphael Miranda
Drums: Raphael Miranda
Surdos: Raphael Miranda
Vocals: Emmily Barreto, Rob Damiani
Synths: Samuel Ferrari, Niper Boaventura
Music Programming & Beats: Samuel Ferrari
Alfaias: Samuel Ferrari
Electric Guitar Solo: Andreas Kisser
Anvil: Glauber Coelho
Choir As One: Lucas Reis Pereira, Maria Paula Bonino, Jeniffer L. Ramlov, Mayara Abou Jaoude, Maite Fernanda Lorente Henrique, Lucas Miguel Cunha Silva, Diego Chagas Corrêa, Heitor Augusto Coelho Galceron, Maria Eduarda Maccagnan Avella
Recording Engineers: Hugo Silva, Otavio Bonazzi and Cauê Del Grande at Dissenso Studio
PreProduction: Clovis Vilela, Samuel Ferrari
Vocal Production: Steve Evetts
Mix: Steve Evetts
Master: Maurício Gargel
Executive Production: Samuel Ferrari, Glauber Coelho
SFX Film: Glauber Coelho
Produced at mdois Studios (www.mdois.tv)

Making of:

Making of Produced by: Rockfilmes
Production: Lucas Rocha
Director: Lucas Rocha
Director of Photography: Felipe Bezerra
Audio operator: Willian Sassano