The Mill / Tim Fox | Mercedes x Riot “League of Legends: The Hunt For Glory”

The Mill

Directing this piece for Mercedes and League of Legends during the Worlds 23 event in Seoul was a truly rewarding experience. Working with such a talented team at The Mill allowed us to bring to life a unique creative vision that combined technological innovation with thrilling narrative.

The female protagonist in our story embarks on a treasure hunt in a near-future Seoul, which provided us with the opportunity to explore and visualize a futuristic world full of possibilities. We wanted the viewer to be immersed in this world, so we strove to make every detail captivating and visually stunning.

The concept of the protagonist jumping in and out of cars, instantly transporting between a blue and a red world, added an additional layer of dynamism and excitement to the narrative. This transition between worlds not only reflected the competition between teams in the Worlds event but also the innovation and advanced technology embodied by Mercedes’ new EQS.

To achieve the desired visual look, we worked in an animated world where reality settings were cranked up to “hyper mode,” allowing for an aesthetic that was tangible and realistic yet atmospheric and highly stylized. We aimed to capture the emotion and intensity of a race against time, maintaining a fast-paced and action-packed rhythm that kept viewers on the edge of their seats.

By the end of the film, our goal was to leave viewers breathless, fully immersed in the experience and eager for what would come next. Anticipation and excitement were key elements we wanted to convey, and we hoped our work would make a lasting impact on those who witnessed it.


Client: : Mercedes-Benz AG and all companies affiliated with Mercedes-Benz AG

Agency: Antoni Garage GmbH & Co. KG

Managing Director: Marcell Francke, Daniel Dürbeck, Tilman Gossner
Agency Director: Roy Schröder
Account Manager: Carolin Lazar
Executive Creative Director: Gün Aydemir
Creative Director: Augusto Santos
Copy Writer: Pam Boschma
Script Development: Creatives @Antoni
Creative Producer: Sergii Eisenstadt, Marjorie Jorrot


Director: Tim Fox
Executive Producer: Becca Jones
Senior Producer: Larisa Covaciu
Production Assistant: Sam Ashby
Business Development Director: Josh Moore


Creative Director: Anthony Bloor
2D Lead: Declan Andrews
CG Lead: Ted Harrison
Animation Supervisor: Marion Strunck
Asset Supervisor: Will Burdett
Editor: Zoe Izzard
Storyboard: Steve Taylor
Concept Artist: Tim Fox, Thomas Muller
CG Team: Andreas Graichen, Paolo Ceresa, Margaux Huneau, Clementine Supiot, Alberto Lara, Thomas Craig, Dane Armour, Chris Welsby, Jean Grandgirard, Jack Enever, Arnau Gilabert, Luke Dadley, Keith Kamholz, Marc Greyvenstein, Artur Drozdowicz, Tanya Ljubimtseva, Stephen Heidacher
2D Team: Rafael Vormittag, Davide Metti, Giacomo Verri, Lester Brown
DMP: Jiyoung Lee
Design: Tim Fox, Barry Chapman, Jayden Kimpton
Online artist: Leah Ayinde
Korean Translator: Jiyoung Lee


Korean Translator: Youngchan Kim


Associate Producer: Aisswarya J
Production Coordinators: Saranya Reddy
DFX Supervisor: Laique Quraishi
Asset Lead: Sunil Manohar Mohapatra
Animation Lead: Sriker Balakrishnan
Asset Artists: Rakshith U, Debdutta Gayen, Ravi Kulwantsingh Ubhi, Shahid Hussain, Vishal Vijay Patil, Aditya Jaiswal, Suraj Hariharan, Sandip Dhole, Sunku Ayusha, Manukuru Manikanteswara, Sanju Sankar, Prashanth C, Sanjaykumar H V, Sumit Yadav
Animation Artists: Raman Bhatia, S Anashwara
FX Artists: Madivadanatamilparidy Ramamoorthy, Rohit Kumar


Colourist: Katie Dymmock
Colour Producer: Dan HIlls
Colour Assist: Caitlin Donaldson, Rory Leighton, Kennedy Dawson

SOUND: Echoic Audio

MUSIC: Amp Gmbh