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At M2 Film, we have the honor of presenting the women’s national soccer teams’ new jersey for the upcoming World Cup!

In a fantastic collaboration with Hummel, we have produced a film that shows the players as true superheroes in a classic comic book style.

A style that complements the cool pop-art elements on the jersey.

A project we are very proud of.


Producer: Emil Nikolajew Lund
Instruktør: Rasmus Pilgaard
Art Director: Thomas Fiil
Lead Animation: Christoffer Kramme
Animation: Anna Elisabeth Christensen
Produktionsleder: Steffen Kongshøj
Fotograf: Kenneth Svanborg
Post Coordinator: Maiken Poulsen
Keying: Laurits Rytter Hansen og Alexander Smith


From the creator:

Together with Dansk Boldspil-Union (DBU) and hummel, we’re proud to unveil the new Danish women’s national team jersey for the upcoming World Cup - inspired by pop art and celebrating the Danish female players as the incredible superheroes they are.