Spaceship | Post Office Studios

Last month, Post Office Studios created India’s first music video using Unreal Engine’s MetaHumans Framework for Gully Gang Records’ new hit Spaceship!

Make Infographic? – Starring Sammohit, Ikka, and Shah Rule in one epic song
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We used photogrammetry (which includes creating a 3D model of a face using photographs) and then refined the other characteristics like body type, facial expressions, wrinkles and hairstyles to create digital twins of the artists.

We also explored hacks by using an iPad and UE Live Link Face (an app that uses the front-facing camera and IR sensors from the face ID cluster of an iPad to capture facial movements in real-time and stream the data to a computer running Unreal Engine) to capture realistic facial expressions without the need for expensive camera tracking equipment or facilities.

The resulting digital characters were able to convey a range of emotions and movements, making the video truly spellbinding!

Spaceship is a testament to Post Office’s mission to reimagine storytelling and push the limits of imagination and creativity.