Inspirational 2020 | OPEN TITLES


From the creator:

Inspirational is an annual event about digital and modern communication. They trusted us to create the open titles of this year.
The idea of the film was to create a journey for different places that you see and feel when you think in a contemporary way.
Production company: Mach Studio
Creative Director: Rafa Merino
Technical Director: Victor Llorente
Vfx Director: Álvaro Rebollo
Art Directors: Evelin Meiriño, Rafa Merino
Animation: Álvaro, Victor, Evelin
Houdini R&D: Álvaro Rebollo
Editing & Color: Victor Llorente
Sound design: Jüergen Branz
Cgi Artist: Evelin Meiriño, Iñigo Inchaurruaga
Modelling: David Blaya