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Following the success of 2022’s cozy “Part 1: Winter”, the new short celebrates the joys of springtime with the beloved frog.

“Part 2: Spring” returns to our homesteading frog, who is reveling in the enchantment of a peaceful spring afternoon at his forest home.

The narrative combines idyllic “cottagecore” aesthetics with nostalgic memories of vibrant spring blooms. The hand-painted art style and sensational sound design taps into the serene and wistful atmosphere viewers experience with each season’s passing.

The series was originally developed as an appreciation of everyday moments. “Winter” premiered in December 2022 as Deep Sky’s holiday video, and after over 1 million views worldwide and significant fan acclaim, the studio began imagining the frog’s life in other seasons.

For the series, a number of works, including Over the Garden Wall, The Wind and the Willows, and Studio Ghibli’s famous food scenes, were crucial influences on the feelings captured in the series.

Both 2D and 3D animation teams worked on the project for the multi-faceted studio, still preserving the hand-drawn look viewers have loved. The ASMR-inspired sound design also returned for a rich sensory experience.

It’s The Little Things is an original animated series created and produced by Deep Sky. Future installments are currently in development.



From the creator:

An ode to spring. Fresh blooms all around, warm sunlight on your skin, and the sound of nature coming back to life. The season of new beginnings.

Taking inspiration from springtime blooms, It's The Little Things returns with "Part 2: Spring". The sequel follows the cozy, heartwarming "Part 1: Winter", which Deep Sky released in late 2022 and has been viewed over 1 million times by viewers around the world.

Watch the full video and discover more about Deep Sky's inspiration for the series at the link below:

Exec. Producer- Jared Hobbs
Producer- Maddie Loftesnes
Creative Director- Barret Thomson
Creative Lead / Art Director- Gaby West
Concept Design- Barret Thomson / Gaby West / Finn Sylwester
Illustration Lead- Finn Sylwester
Illustration- Barret Thomson / Gaby West / Finn Sylwester
Animation Lead- Jack Ellis
Animation- Adam DiTerlizzi / Matthew Seely
Compositing- Israel Arias / Adrian Parat / Adam DiTerlizzi
Music- Matthew Seely
Sound Design- Blake Boxer
Marketing Director- Max Richards
Marketing Coordinator- Courtney Courier

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