It’s The Little Things | Deep Sky

Deep Sky

From the creator:

Grab a blanket, pour some tea, and cuddle up with Deep Sky's animated short "It's The Little Things. Enjoy time at home and spend it with your loved ones, even if that home is a tree stump and your loved one is a fuzzy caterpillar.

Executive Producer: Jared Hobbs
Producer: Maddie Loftesnes
Creative Lead: Gaby West
Concept Design: Barret Thomson, Gaby West, and Finn Sylwester
Illustration Lead: Finn Sylwester
Illustration: Barret Thomson, Hayley Purvis, and Matthew Seely
Animation Lead: Jack Ellis
Animation: Adam DiTerlizzi
3D Viz: Israel Arias
Sound Design: Blake Boxer
Marketing Director: Max Richards
Marketing Coordinator: Aida Baird

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