JM Blay/ Mistborn

JM Blay

JM Blay is a big fan of fantasy, and his latest fascination has been Mistborn, a series of novels by Brandon Sanderson. Ever since he started reading them, he couldn’t help but imagine what they would look like on film. So Blay decided to create some film titles for a hypothetical adaptation to the big screen.

This is a personal project JM Blay initiated solely for his own satisfaction, without any constraints related to aesthetics, trends, fashionable norms, or clients.

Inspired by the Mistborn saga’s magical system, which encompasses Allomancy, Feruchemy, and Hemalurgy, he aimed to visually capture these three forms of magic through conceptual elements.

Blay brought the project to life using Cinema 4D, Redshift, X-Particles and After Effects. All the names in the piece were randomly generated by an algorithm.


Full credits:
Design and Direction: JM Blay
Creative Direction / Art Direction / 3D / Editing / VFX: JM Blay
Production: Blay Studio

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