Kobi Vogman | La’Flore Paris – Train ride

Kobi Vogman

From the creator:

La'Flore Paris brings classic french bag designs into the modern era with a sustainable and natural approach twist. I felt nostalgia when I first saw and touched their products in my hands.
We decided to create a surreal train ride, focusing on feminine nostalgic objects that will fill the world around it. Tell the story of their brand and the birth of their newest product, a travelers bag.

Client: La'Flore Paris

Director: Kobi Vogman
Art director: Kobi Vogman
Set dresser: Renana Aldor
Set building: Liran Koren
Set building assistants: Noa Vogman, Moria Koren
Animation assistant: Alonzo Avidar
Compositing: Kobi Vogman, Ofeq Shemer
Original music and sound design: Noam Ofir (Soul Supreme)
Color grading: Kobi Vogman