Universal Music Group | Bob Marley & The Wailers “Could You Be Loved” (Official Animated Video)


From the creator:

Bob Marley & The Wailers “Could You Be Loved” official music video. Inspired by Cedella Marley and all that she’s doing for women’s soccer in the Caribbean + Latin America through her Football is Freedom initiative. Stay positive & keep going 💚

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Directed by:
Vanja Vikalo

Creative Directors:
Dezi Catarino & Ava Bremen

Animation produced by:
Subgiant Studio

Executive Producers:
Cedella Marley
Ziggy Marley
Matt Solodky
Bruce Resnikoff

Produced by:
Nenad Mitrovic

Project management:
Nenad Mitrovic, Vanja Vikalo

Animation/Art Director:
Vanja Vikalo Linnch

Rough animation:
Ian Dominic, Campbell Hartley,
Vanja Vikalo Linnch, Tamara Bogovac,
Guan Qi Milan, Eduardo Vazquez, Nikola Petrovic,
Mario Djordjevic, Mihailo Prostran, Tamara Majkic, Nenad Mitrovic

Animation cleanup:
Tamara Majkic, Tamara Bogovac, Guan Qi Milan,
Vanja Vikalo, Nikola Petrovic,
Mario Djordjevic, Mihailo Prostran, Nenad Mitrovic, Katarina Milin

Cut-out animation:
Tamara Maksimovic, Vanja Vikalo, Nikola Petrovic

Animation supervision:
Vanja Vikalo, Nenad Mitrovic

Background design:
Nikola Petrovic, Nikola Korac, Vanja Vikalo

3D Backgrounds:
Mihailo Kalabic

Vanja Vikalo, Nikola Petrovic

Vanja Vikalo

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