Let It Rip | Megan Rapinoe | Nike Football | WIZZ | Gary Levesque


Megan Rapinoe. The All-American Hero. She’s chasing a historic three-peat championship for the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team on her last trip to the big stage, the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup.

Watch her let it rip!

This retro-tastic tribute for Nike was a project destined for our director Gary Levesque. We are not shy about saying that he and the whole team really kicked this one out of the stadium.

Thanks to Psyop, our partners in production and to the agency W+K Portland for their trust with this project. Also, sorry, not sorry, but you will now be singing MEGAAAN RAPINOE! all day.


Client: Nike Football
Agency: Wieden+Kennedy Portland
Director: Gary Levesque
Producer: Amanda Stubbs I Matthieu Poirier
Storyboard Artists: Ninoc I Ian Dominic Alejo
Character Design: Pierre Croco
Background Artists: Yann Benedi Simon I Masse I Cécile Depretz
Layout Posing: James Molle / Baptiste Gaubert I Gabriel Gérard I Alice Blaskevic
Animators: Léo Schweitzer I Antoine Carré I Pauline Guitton I Alexandra Petit I Lise Legier I Quentin Rigaux I Sixtine Dano I Emmanuelle Walker
Assistant Animators: Marion Boisrond / Rénalya / Mirande-Ney
Animation Interns : Aimman Ibrahim I Arthur Marcel I Clément Roussin I Iborahimo Tonga I Xinxin Qin
2D FX: Jonghyun Jung
Lead 3D Artist: Hugo Garnier
3D Artists: Selim Lallaoui, Ruben Cohen
Edit: Emma Robin
Compositing: Victoria Jardine I Matthieu Bernadat
Production Coordinators: Alice Sammut I Rebeca Hayem
Post Producer: Léo Souffrice
Post Production Assistants: Esteban Cassorla, Romain Vincelot
IT: Nicolas Biardeau I Jean-Nicolas Michel I Emmanuel Zang zang