Lobster | AMP Awards 2022

Lobster Studio

We were invited by the Association of Music Producers to create the opening sequence for the 2022 AMP awards, as well creating the winners slides for the show, and we took the opportunity to create a narration that reflected the 2022 awards theme of coming back together, being the first one to be held in person after 2 years of online ceremonies.

The direction that we explored was about a simple colored circle that became the protagonist in the film. Selecting an abstract graphical approach gave us multiple creative possibilities to explore and narrate the journey of each individual circle on its way to the event. As this video was supposed to open the AMP event, we wanted to make it fun, dynamic and unexpected, just as the awards.

From the creator:


Client: Association of music producers / AMP
Production: Lobster
Direction: Lobster
Opening Sequence Illustration: Mario Menesses
Winner Slides Design: Nickola Nickolov
2D Animation: Teodor Hristov, Mario Menesses,
Panos Koutivas, Nikolay Ivanov3D Animation: Panos Koutivas
Music & SFX: Human Worldwide
Rep Agency: Anchorpoint