Perception | Disney & Pixar’s Lightyear: End Title Sequence Designed by Perception


From the creator:

Our team at Perception collaborated with the innovative team at Pixar Animation Studios to design and animate an epic main on end title sequence for their newest film, Lightyear. The sequence that our team designed celebrates the suits and ships of the Lightyear universe, while incorporating classic science fiction elements and tones throughout.

The biggest focus of this sequence was realism. We wanted everything in this sequence to feel like Buzz Lightyear, the real space-ranger, not the toy, used and utilized these objects. For that, we added extra elements of wear-and-tear, chips and scratches to every object’s surface.

Another layer of realism we added was through the laser etching of the names. While this is commonly seen in sci-fi films, we based these lasers off of real world lasers. Based on our extensive research, we discovered that a distinct level of detail was added when we included a cooling effect on the names that were burned in from the laser. This cooling effect added elevated dimension, color, and movement to their respective frames, while also expanding on themes of realism.