Love Matters


From the creator:

Love Matters is a program powered by RNW Media that collaborates with organizations focusing on sexual health and rights, and works to connect their young audience with these organizations.

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Client: RNW Media /
Narrator: Natascha Jacobsz
Scriptwriter: Ariane Osman
Art Director: Inês Morais
Advisors: Louise Dunne / Sobhi Khatib

Directed by: HomemBala & AIM Studios

Creative Direction: HomemBala & AIM Studios
Illustration: José Teixeira
Character animation - José Teixeira
Animation 2D- Nuno Gonçalves
Animation 3D - Nuno Gonçalves, José Fernandes, José Teixeira
Additional Animation - Daniela Carvalho, José Vieira, José Fernandes
Music: Tambourine Sound Design
Sound Design: André Aires