MAN OF ACTION! II: Ashes Of Vengeance


The full-length version of MK12’s “Man of Action! II: Ashes of Vengeance” is off the festival circuit and available for your viewing pleasure.

For in-depth process, read our interview with MK12’s Ben Radatz.

From the creator:

MK12 & Swedish Secrets proudly presents: MAN OF ACTION! II: Ashes of Vengeance, Episode #337 of the wildly popular sci-fi / spy crossover TV show Man of Action!, which enjoyed a 23-year primetime run in southeast Asia before its cancellation in 1985. The series follows the exploits of Mr. President Dr. Steve Elvis America and his Intergalactic Pop Superstar Robobobo as they chase down criminals, women, and women criminals, across the galaxy.

In Ashes of Vengeance, Mr. President Dr. Steve Elvis America and Robobobo travel to the rings of Saturn to expose a Nazi crime ring with ties to the intergalactic sex trade, and stumble onto a vast criminal conspiracy that threatens to destroy the very fabric of space-time. He also bags a couple of Amazons.

Starring Michael Ashcraft as Colonel Dr. Josef Von Frekkkels, Amy Dedrick as Monet LaRouge and Josh Greenlee as Mr. President Dr. Steve Elvis America!

The Narrator is Rob Middleton
Sound Designer, Ryan Griffin of Division Q Media
With music arranged, composed & conducted by Mr. Marco's V7!