ManvsMachine | Google – Circle to Search


With enthusiasm and creativity, we teamed up with Google to bring to life a unique cinematic experience showcasing their exciting innovation: Circle to Search. This short film not only informs but also captivates and entertains the viewer as it explores this revolutionary new feature. 

From conceptualization to direction, every step of the creative process was focused on conveying the essence of Circle to Search: simplicity, power, and versatility. Meticulous design and fluid storytelling were combined to create a visually stunning experience that highlights how this tool can transform the way we interact with our mobile phones.

The film adopts a vibrant and dynamic aesthetic, blending kinetic typography with live-action footage to grab the viewer’s attention from the outset. Through a series of ingeniously crafted scenes, we demonstrate how Circle to Search enables searching for anything, anywhere, in any app, in an intuitive and seamless manner.

We explore a wide range of use cases, from finding information about a restaurant while browsing a map app to looking up details about an item in a shopping app, all with a simple gesture. Whether drawing a circle on the screen, highlighting text, or simply tapping, Circle to Search offers an effortless search experience that seamlessly aligns with how we think and communicate.

Throughout the short film, we highlight the flexibility and adaptability of this feature, showcasing how it can be creatively and personalized used by users of all ages and skill levels. From students seeking information for their assignments to professionals needing instant data to make critical decisions, Circle to Search is presented as an indispensable tool in today’s digital world.

In summary, our informative and playful short film for Circle to Search not only introduces a new Google feature but also celebrates the innovation, creativity, and adaptability that define our constantly evolving technological world. With a unique blend of visual wit and immersive storytelling, we invite viewers to discover and enjoy the endless possibilities offered by this exciting tool.



Design, Direction & Animation:

Director Of Photography:
Jordan Buck

Production Design:
Simon Davis

Emma Lipop

Richard Fearon @ Black Kite

Sound Design:

Actual Magic


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