Mi | Masayoshi Nakamura

Masayoshi Nakamura

Animation: Masayoshi Nakamura
Music: Zak Engel

From the creator:

This film is the journey of father and son.
Zak, the composer told me this composition was inspired by his then-2 year old son, and wanted to make this film about the young son entering into this unknown world, and him being a guide, as best as a father could be.
As a father of 2 young boys myself, I was gravitated by his sentiment, and immersed myself in this project, injecting my own experience.
Even though my boys are bigger now, I still remember the time when he couldn’t go up on stairs without holding my hand, still he was so eager to let go of my hand, and go off on his own.
I remember him being so small and fragile, I felt I will, with all of my power, protect him from all the bad from this world.
Kids grow up so fast, and we grow old quick.
I wanted to hold onto that memory.
I wanted to encapsulate that feeling.
In this film, I pursue capturing these memories and feelings of being a father.