Mondlicht Studios | Narcos // Official Promo

Mondlicht Studios

From the creator:

Mondlicht Studios and Rhubarb Agency joined forces to create a poster and animation for the third and the last season of “Narcos”. Mondlicht Studios carefully designed every element, every letter and the complete animation from scratch.

Client – Netflix
Agency – Rhubarb Agency

Director – Dmitriy Glazyrin, Vitaliy Yakin
Producer – Zhanna Travkina
Idea & Concept – Dmitriy Glazyrin, Vitaliy Yakin
Concept Artist –Maksym Khirnyy
Modeling – Bogdan Morykon
Animation – Arthur Nalobin
Shading - Dmitriy Glazyrin, Arthur Nalobin
Lighting - Dmitriy Glazyrin, Arthur Nalobin
Compositing – Dmitriy Glazyrin, Arthur Nalobin
Post-Production - Dmitriy Glazyrin
Music - Rodrigo Amarante