Star Wars x Oreo | Mondlicht Studios

Mondlicht Studios

From the creator:

As big fans of the original “Star Wars” movies and passionate cookie-eaters we couldn’t resist the temptation to create this fun project.

The idea to create a fun personal project based on the idea of brand collaboration was stuck into our heads for a long time. We really love this advertising trend we see more and more often. So, we took our favorite cookies and decided to integrate the product into one of our favorite’s universes.

We decided to use Unreal Engine as we were aiming to create a fast result and dig into its possibilities a bit more. When we discussed the idea, Ilya started to work on storyboard. Meanwhile, the model department worked on cookies creation and enhanced the models of the robots to imitate the “bites”.

As soon as the main video was created we invested a little bit of time to create small product animations and two posters for this imaginary collaboration.

Idea and concept - Ilya Nodia, Zhanna Travkina
Director - Ilya Nodia
Creative Producer - Zhanna Travkina
Storyboard - Ilya Nodia
UE artist - Ilya Nodia
Posters - Ilya Nodia, Basti Trescher
Video grading and post – Dmitriy Glazyrin
Modeling - Bohdan Morykon, Sven Giera
Cookies animation - Sergey Pantyushkov
SFX - Stefan Evrard
Voice actor - wgcproductions

Special thanks to ShineyFX for the amazing 3D Model we used for the interior