MTV Idents | Ardhira Putra

Ardhira Putra

Ardhira Putra, a talented Indonesian motion designer and animator based in Singapore, has made an indelible mark with his latest work for MTV. His creations immerse us in a visual ode to the vibrant 1990s, reminding us of the golden era of music videos and MTV’s cultural influence.

Inspired by iconic figures like Spike Jonze and Michelle Gondry, Putra has successfully captured the unique essence of the ’90s with his distinctive style. From bright colors to captivating visual narratives, his work reflects his love for that era.

Since high school, Putra dreamt of creating idents for MTV, and his recent collaboration stands as a testament to realizing that dream. Every detail in his work resonates with well-deserved honor and a palpable connection to nostalgia.

Putra’s style, blending retro with modern elements, creates a unique visual experience. His ability to reinterpret ’90s aesthetics in a fresh and contemporary way is evident in each piece. It’s a powerful reminder of how a decade can continue to inspire generations.


Adhira Putra.

Music: Spike Jonze and Michelle Gondry.

From the creator:


this piece reminds me a lot of my childhood in the early 90s.

It always childhood inspiration watching all the music video on MTV. From Spike Jonze and Michelle Gondry. It always a dream to be able creating MTV idents since high school. Its a big honour! Thank you MTV ✨