Pepper: Sexual Wellness Kits | Nacho Velasco

Nacho Velasco

Pepper, a brand rooted in Las Vegas, has taken a bold and innovative approach to marketing sexual wellness products.

Scott Wrightson’s subtle integration of common issues like Erectile Dysfunction, Vaginal Dryness, and Painful Sex, using nature-inspired language, is a stroke of creative genius. The choice to represent these challenges as part of a natural landscape, alongside pleasure toys, not only removes associated stigma but also invites reflection on intimate connection.

This is crucial in a context where couples may feel embarrassed or hopeless in the face of these issues.

Nacho Velasco’s talent is evident in every detail of the behind-the-scenes footage, reinforces the dedication and skill required to create such a captivating motion design piece. This collaborative approach not only showcases a fresh perspective on promoting healthy relationships but also highlights the brand’s commitment to inclusivity and openness around intimate topics.

Creative Direction: Scott Wrightson
Direction & Animation: Nacho Velasco
Music & Sound Design: Bruma FX
Production: Smack Bang
Client: Pepper