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Showreels are a common tool for businesses like Never Sit Still, used to showcase their portfolio and attract potential clients. These reels serve as visual résumés, highlighting the company’s best work, technical skills, and creative capabilities.

However, over the years, we’ve encountered several challenges with traditional showreels. Despite our efforts to make, tweak, and update our showreel countless times, we often find that these compilations fail to stand out in a market saturated with similar content. The rapid pace of change in the industry means that showreels can quickly become outdated, no longer accurately reflecting our current capabilities or the latest trends in animation and design.

Moreover, we have noticed that our clients sometimes struggle to understand our creative process. They may find it foreign or complicated, which can lead to miscommunications or misconceptions about how we work. Additionally, our previous projects, while impressive, may not always serve as the perfect reference for new briefs. Each project is unique, and our past work might not fully convey our ability to meet specific, nuanced client needs.

To address these issues, we decided to innovate with an ‘Anti-Showreel’. This is not just a mere collection of past projects, but a dynamic and engaging video crafted to replace the traditional showreel. The ‘Anti-Showreel’ captures the essence of our animation process, our ethos, and the way we approach each project. Created entirely in-house by the talented Never Sit Still team, this reel is designed and animated from scratch. It showcases our strengths across various disciplines, providing a more comprehensive and authentic representation of what we do and how we do it.

By focusing on the process and the principles that guide our work, rather than just the end products, we aim to offer potential clients a deeper understanding of our approach. The ‘Anti-Showreel’ is an exciting and engaging tool that highlights our commitment to innovation, quality, and creativity, setting us apart from the competition and ensuring that our presentation remains fresh and relevant.



Studio Director: Mike Tosetto
Producers: Darcy Green, Sharon Lim
Creative Director: Zoe Crocker
Design: Zoe Crocker, Supriya Bhonsle, Bruno Borio, Ben Walker, Melany Webster, Sylvia Leo, Nancy Li, Mulanne Phan, Howe Tom, Jimmy Vallance, Max Cao, Chantelle Micallef, Isabelle Trudgian, Animation:, Zoe Crocker, Supriya Bhonsle, Ben Walker, Melany Webster, Sylvia Leo, Nancy Li, Mulanne Phan, Howe Tom, Jimmy Vallance, Max Cao, Chantelle Micallef
Audio: Smith & Western, Abe’s Audio

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Twitter: @weneversitstill