PlusOne® | Screeaam


PlusOne® Pictures proudly announces Screeaam, an evocative independent short film capturing the emotions of isolation. Originated during the second lockdown in February 2021, Screeaam emerges as a poignant reflection of the spectrum of feelings experienced during this period.

The cinematic animated piece seamlessly blends various techniques, including 3D animation and frame-by-frame animation. “Screeaam delves into the depths of the human soul,” Director Martijn Hogenkamp shares. “Embracing the labor-intensive yet organic nature of hand-drawn animation enabled us to accentuate the human character, inviting viewers to immerse themselves into a narrative crafted with care and passion.”

Screeaam is the result of a collaborative endeavor, with multiple artists contributing their talents to every single hand-drawn frame. Amsterdam-based audio designers Kloaq crafted the sound, enhancing the emotional resonance.

Executive Producer Marcel Vrieswijk notes, “From the outset, Screeaam was a labor of love, with countless hours and an abundance of blood, sweat, and tears poured into its creation.” “We couldn’t be more proud of the final result,” adds Hogenkamp, “and extend our heartfelt gratitude to the team whose dedication and creativity breathed life into this film.”

As a powerful and moving portrait of human emotions, Screeaam stands as a testament to craftsmanship, and an opposing force to the AI-driven work currently saturating the creative industry.


Director: Martijn Hogenkamp
Executive Producers: Marcel Vrieswijk, Martijn Hogenkamp
Producer: Thijs Klaassen
Storyboard: Alexandra Marguerita
Cel Animation: Lead Amanda Nedermeijer
Cel Animation: Christiaan Vlok, Alexandra Marguerita
3D Animation: Guido van Gemerden, Mickaël Mehala, Cas Prins
Animation: Manuel Ferrari, Jenny Crawford, Grading Christiaan Vlok, Harm Rieske
Sound Design: Adrian Vrijhoef, Daniel Sillem
Dolby Mix: Richard Burki

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