Official Marvel Studios’ The Marvels: End Credits Title Sequence




Since The Marvels is such a fun and colorful film, we wanted our title sequence to capture the spirit of the movie through illustrations. To celebrate the space opera vibe of the film, we created an illustrated style that is reminiscent of book covers and movie posters of the ’70s. These illustrations depict key moments and characters seen throughout the film, emphasized by a brilliant and vibrant color palette and thrilling, non-stop transitions that carry from frame to frame. This title sequence was created using Adobe Photoshop, Cinema 4D and After Effects.









Co-Founders: Danny Gonzalez and Jeremy Lasky
Head of Production: Eric Daly
Junior VFX Producer: Veronica Gail
Chief Creative: Doug Appleton
Creative Supervisor: Greg Herman
Art Supervisor: Christian Haberkern
Artists: Vivian Amaro, Pedro Fleming, Alex Garcia, Insoo Kim, Vincenzo Lodigiani, Jake Mathew, Sagnik Sengupta and Pablo Thomas
Compositors: Matt Dinaro and Artur Elson

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