PRISM+ | Google TV | Gavin Sew

Gavin Sew

“When I heard about the project, I immediately envisioned Google’s signature colors in my design. The client also requested that the animation emphasize the product’s friendly control and personalized recommendations features.

To achieve this, I incorporated a joyful and minimalist stylized approach, creating a visually appealing animation that effectively communicated the product’s unique features.” Gavin Sew.

From the creator:

PRISM+ Q series Quantum Edition & Q-Ultra Series TVs are equipped with the advanced Google TV operating system.

These TVs feature groundbreaking QLED technology, Quantum IPS panel, Dolby Vision, and Dolby Atmos, ensuring unparalleled visual and sound immersion in stunning 4K ultra HD resolution. With the cutting-edge Google TV, you can enjoy personalized recommendations and effortless navigation. These TVs are available in various sizes, including 55”, 65”, and 75”.


Gavin Sew

Solo Production
Gavin Sew