Ihsu Yoon


Director – Ihsu Yoon
Produced at – Giantstep
Music & Sound Design – Echoic Audio

From the creator:

Pyramids are the ancient monuments where people worshiped their gods.
My concept is re-interpreting the pyramid in modern society where individualism is appreciated.
The concept of the god has been changed and considering oneself as a god has become trendy.
People can experience spiritual meditation through climbing up to the top of each stair way.
On each top, there are the lights on the floor and ceiling which represents their own Sun (the concept of ancient god)
Maybe people can feel themselves directly connected to indescribable power.
About the installation movement, each stair way is connected with each ring ground and spins by some interacting way with the audiences.
By the spin, it eventually shows the extended form of cone or pyramid.

This film is a part of Asymmetry project, the online format exhibition. You can check its website in this link.
For my part, I was given two concepts which are asymmetry and connection by Gryun, an amazing artist and the leader of this project.
The form of this piece shows asymmetry and connection in surprising way. Center of them seemingly connected by the motion, but not.

I was super lucky to colloaborate with Echoic Audio for the music & sound design. The 1st pass was just perfect with their magic and became the final.

Produced at Giantstep.