Timoni West x Sónar

Amigo Total

Based on the speech by Timoni West at Sónar Festival 2019.

Timoni West is the CEO of XR research, shorthand for Augmented (AR), Virtual (VR) and Mixed Reality (MR), at Unity Labs. During the 2019 Edition of Sónar+D Masterclasses, she gave a speech about best practices on VR, AR and MR. Vampire Films and Sónar offered us the opportunity to translate her thoughts into the digital aesthetics they claim.

Starting from a brief script built upon Timoni West’s talk at Sónar 2019, we developed our visual interpretation of those three XR worlds, all portrayed through the experience of an androgynous avatar, acting as a unisex user. This protagonist archetype shows us the corporeality of each digital world, switching from one reality to the other as if they were parallel universes.

Both real and XR worlds are especially distinguished through their colour palette, which gives a singular look and feel to each side: reality is mainly pastel-coloured, and XR is conveyed through more saturated colours, hinting at both its emotional intensity and also its unrealness.

Highly influenced by the Internet aesthetics, we worked a vaporwave digital style using glassy, chromed, glittering textures to enhance the virtual mood we were aiming for. Along with the explanatory voice-over, music is present throughout the whole visual experience and creates an atmospheric mood which helps to synthesize all inputs from the different worlds together.


Directed by Amigo Total
Produced by Vampire Films
Executive Producer: Alex Julià
Creative Directors: Raül Peix & Marcello Buselli
Art Direction: Raül Peix
3D Animation: Raül Peix
Music & sound design: Raül Peix


From the creator:

Practices for XR design. A speech by Timoni West at Sonarfestival 2019.
Directed by Amigo Total
Art direction, 3D, Animation & Music by Amigo Total
Executive Producer Alex Julià
Produced by Vampire Films

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