Sallie Mae ‘Sound Mind’ | Scholar


Nothing gets you in the mood to focus like synthy lo-fi beats and dreamy visuals.

Sallie Mae came to us to take that classic pairing one step further to create an animation to match their scientifically created and curated playlist to help students focus while studying.

Combining the classic calming pastel color palette, dreamy fantastical imagery, and smooth curves of each asset’s animation all into an infinite loop, let us combine all of our favorite elements of lo-fi beats and visuals to create the ultimate amalgamation of focus and grooves.

Visit Scholar for a full breakdown, and check out the accompanying playlist on YouTube


Design & Animation: Scholar
Creative Director: Will Campbell
Managing Director / E.P.: Anne Skopas
Executive Producer: Kate Aspell
Deputy Head of Production: Nakia Cooper
Art Directors: Madison Ellis, Leah Evans
Senior Producer: Andrew Rindlaub
Producer: Mimi Milligan
Designers: Amy Wallace, Leah Evans, Madison Kelly, Karen Han, Nick Nazzaro, Grace Poole
2D Animators: Alex Bernas, Kiron Robinson, Sam Bachman, Susie Scheer, Dennie Bright
Media Manager: Adrianna McKinley